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South African Golfers lead scoreboard at Joburg Open

South Africans Thomas Aiken and Justin Walters were tied for the lead at 17 under on the end of the second day of the Joburg Open at The Royal Johannesburg & Kensington Golf Course. 

Aiken said he felt more confident playing on the East Course. “There are a lot of small greens, not necessarily small in depth but small in width. They are quite narrow and long, so you have to be accurate. I feel like I can win any tournament that I play, I’m in that stage in my career where I feel like from a ball striking point of view. I’m as good as anybody out there. it all boils down to merging the ball striking with short cap and those are the weeks every one perform that’s why u don’t see the same guys winning week in week out,” said the round 3 leader.

He added that he had back to back tournaments before this one, but he decided to take a week off before this one and believed that the strategy seemed to be working for him. “I would love to win a big tournament like this at home. I have done it overseas it would be nice to it in South Africa” Thomas concluded.

 Walters, joint leader with Aiken, also fancied his chances. “It feels good to be on the lead, I hit the ball so well today little more than I did yesterday. I was happy to keep the momentum going; I made some good swings luckily the couple of paths went my way today which is nice” added Walters. 

Walters said he was not looking at the leader board at all, so he had no idea of what was happening behind him “I made a point not to look at it, I just heard some cheering, and I must say I enjoyed the crowd” he added.

He said they come a long way with Thomas and it’s nice that they are leading though they have a tough one tomorrow. “Thomas has always been a better play than me though he is younger than me.  We use to play together, he would come to my house and would also go to his, and we use to play 9 holes in the farm. We use to play together at the Johannesburg Country club as well so we know each other very well” added Justin.

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Joburg Open

Joburg Open is an important
tournament in the golf
calendar for both local and
international players.

It is co-sanctioned by the

Sunshine Tour and PGA

European Tour as an official

Order of Merit event.

The prize money is 1.3

million euros and this will be

shared amongst all the

players who will make the cut.


Live Broadcast on Supersport 5

Thursday & Friday
Morning field: 10:30-12:30
Afternoon field:14:00– 16:00

Saturday & Sunday
12:00 – 16:30









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